Tokyo’s English friendly barber『FRANK‘S BARBER』




Looking for a barbershop in Tokyo with barber that have experience with

foreign hair (fade hair cut、Beard trim) ? 

We provide high-quality Japanese barbershop techniques and customer service to all of our customers, both domestic and international, and we have a substantial number of international visitors as well.

If you take a look at our Google reviews, you’ll understand why we have so many foreign customers visiting us.



About us.


We have three core values: Innovation, Global, and Give & Take, and uphold the vision of “Make a new habit.” We are a barber shop that, while based in Japan, is supported not just domestically but also by international customers. Our commitment to unprecedented challenges in creating a unique barber experience is evident in our specific achievements:


• Introduction of the industry’s first subscription system
• Over 500 foreign customers visiting monthly
• Incorporation of a beer bar within the barbershop


We aspire to create a BARBER SHOP that serves as a global hub, welcoming not only Japanese but also international customers with a friendly approach. Our barbers, understanding various hair types and head shapes from different nationalities, provide high-quality services.




Hair cut Subscription.


* 9,900yen / per month





*12,650 yen / per month

・All-you-can-cut (including shampoo)
・Free beer when getting haircut



[What is a subscription? ]

Let me briefly explain what a subscription.

“Subscription service means that you don’t pay for goods and services from every time.

A flat-rate service that allows you to set a price according to the period and use products and services during that period.”

So, in the most easy to understand example, you can go to the gym with a monthly fee.

It will be the same as a music service that allows you to listen to music for a monthly fee.

Subscription services waves are also coming to BARBERSHOP industry.

You should try to get new experiences!!


Enjoy CRAFT BEER while getting a haircut.


At our shop, we offer a selection of craft beers on tap, as well as in bottles and cans. You can enjoy these craft beers during your haircut or while waiting, making the time spent at our shop even more enjoyable.


Additionally, the craft beers we offer are primarily from Japan, featuring selections that are rarely found outside of the country. So, when you visit, please be sure to try them.




In closing.


Since the opening of our first Tokyo store in 2019, we have been fortunate to be blessed with the best team members and a large number of customers visiting us every day. Thanks to these customers and our team, we are able to take on new challenges and create new values, allowing us to continue evolving.


While we may not speak perfect English, the reason we receive high ratings from international customers is not only because we offer excellent designs and services, but also because we genuinely welcome customers from around the world.

Having a global perspective and valuing interactions with people from various cultures and backgrounds allows us to incorporate a wide range of ideas and viewpoints, which we believe leads to providing the best service to everyone.


Would you like to create a new habit at the global hub where various cultures intersect, ‘FRANK’S BARBER’?


We are looking forward to meeting you.



Please feel free to make a reservation or inquiry using the information below. 


 Book your appointment here:




TEL 03-6661-0338

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